A simple and quick answer to this question is NO. We have designed this company around the needs of our industrial customers. Engraving plaques and trophies take so much time to complete. Focusing all our attention on engraving labels and legend plates allows us to provide our customers with low prices and fast delivery. Our company depends upon volume sales to succeed, not individual high priced sales.

Although we have the equipment that will engrave standard metal legend plates, we do not normally engrave them.  In our opinion, plastic legend plates provide a better quality product that is easier to read and the text color will not fade.  See the next question below for a more detailed explanation. If you specifically required metal legend plates we can engrave them for you.  If you specify metal legends, we will provide you with a price and delivery on a “per order” basis.


The process required to engrave metal legend plates does not provide a professional looking product.  The engraved aluminum legend plate must be coated with a liquid that will change the color of the engraved area on the plate to a darker color.  This process does not provide a crisp, clean, dark look. The only way to make a good looking metal plate is by a stamping process which is expensive and time consuming, or by paint filling the text.

This process is also time consuming and we feel that in order to provide quick service to our customers, we standardize on engraving the plastic two color legend plates, which have a much nicer appearance than the metal plates.  If you have ever bought metal legend plates, you probably understand what we mean.

No one will argue the fact that printing paper labels can be cheaper than buying engraved labels.  If you work in an environment where appearance is not important, then paper labels probably would be an acceptable choice.  If the appearance of your product or equipment is important to you, your company or your customers, then engraved labels can offer a professional touch.  However, most of the people who use paper labels have started using them because they did not have an alternative. When you are trying to decide which is right for you, consider the following:  It takes the same amount of time to install paper labels and engraved labels. Calculate the cost of the paper labels, the labor cost to you to type in the text to be printed, the equipment to print the labels, but most importantly, think of all the other things that are getting further behind while you are typing and printing paper labels.  Time savings, a more professional appearance, and more durability are the reasons why you should at least check out the costs of engraved labels.


The double sided tape we apply to our labels has been tested in many industrial applications.  It adheres very well to industrial coatings and is very aggressive. We use a vinyl tape that will not leave a mess if the label is to be removed.  The tape is rated for -32 degrees F to 400 degrees F. It is UV stable and rated for outdoor use. The best thing about the tape is that it can be applied, removed, and reapplied if necessary.  Once the tape has been applied for about 24 hours, it becomes very aggressive and stays on very well. It is only 5 mils thick so it may not work well on very rough surfaces. The tape is applied to 100% of the label and not applied in strips.  Remember, tape is only as good as the surface in which it is applied. Clean the area thoroughly with an oil free cleaner. Oil, dirt, and debris will reduce the holding strength of all tapes.


A panel door layout is a label that covers the entire area where the push-buttons or switches are mounted.  Instead of using multiple legend plates, one panel door layout label would be required. The hole for the devices are cut out of the material and the text for all devices are engraved on the one label.  There is a size limitation since the engraving stock comes in a maximum size of 24″ x 48″.


Since engraving material consists of two colors, a graphic label is limited to a two dimensional drawing.  Simple machine layouts, mechanical or electrical schematics can be engraved in plastic. If you have a question about your graphic, email us for a quote.


We use AutoCAD.  If you can send us a DWG file or a DXF file, we can usually convert your files to be engraved.  Be sure not to use special symbols that may not convert well. We can also take a blueprint or sketch and create your labels from them.


You can send a .dwg AutoCAD file, EPS file, or DXF file. Contact us for more information.


This question can be answered in three simple words: Price and Delivery.  There are usually several sets of hands the labels must go through before reaching you, the customer. Each time these labels change hands, the price increases.  Most of the suppliers who can provide you with engraved labels do so as a service to you because they don’t move a large volume of labels and do not make much profit on your order.  We sell labels in large volumes, and that is all we do, so we are able to keep your costs and your delivery time low.


If you are perfectly happy with where you buy your labels, we don’t expect you to change.  Trophy shops build their businesses on the sale of plaques, trophies, trinkets, and/or gifts.  They invest thousands of dollars to inventory all the components of each type or style of plaque or trophy.  This drives up their overhead. When they get an order for a few labels that will be sold for a couple dollars apiece, they are not as interested in your order as they are for the items they sell for $50.00 and up.  They will make your labels for you but their priority is rightfully on the items that make them the most profit. Most trophy shops do not understand the industrial environment and have to be trained on what your needs are.  The owners of Precision Engraving have been working in the industrial environment for 35 years. This company grew out of the needs that exist in manufacturing for engraved labels. So, when you ask for a three position selector switch that reads MANUAL – OFF – AUTO, for a Allen Bradley 800T selector switch, we know what you are talking about.  Our only priority is to provide our customers with industrial engraved labels as fast as we can get them out the door. Give us a try. If you find that you prefer your current supplier, you have lost nothing for trying.


We can accept payment in several ways.  We accept company checks, money orders, C.O.D. payment, Master Card, Visa and American Express.  We limit some payment types on orders over $300.00 for customers who have not developed a history of payment with us.


Standard engraving stock is based on two color material giving you one color background with a different color text.  Using the reverse engraving method, it may be possible to have multiple colors on one label. Due to the increase labor costs, we do not recommend more than two color labels, but it may be accomplished if you require multiple colors.


( A personal note from one of the owners )  I started this business in 1991 because the company I worked for had to order engraved labels from companies that did not understand our needs.  We bought a manual engraver to make our own. The first thing that we noticed is the amount of time that is need to make a few labels. I started this business with a computerized engraver and found that labels can be made so much faster that making them with a manual engraver is not cost effective.

Try this example to see for yourself.  Let’s say you need to make a label that is 1/2″ tall and 1-1/2″ wide that needs to read: “COMPUTER”. With a manual engraver you must follow these steps to produce the label. (or at least something similar)

  • Find a piece of material that is large enough to make the label.
  • Cut out the material to the correct size.
  • Turn on the beveler and bevel all four sides.
  • Determine the size of the letters that you want and calculate the ratio and decide which size template you need.
  • Take the letter templates for each letter that you need for the label and place them in the guide.
  • Center the templates in the vise and tighten down.
  • Place the blank label in the vise and clamp
  • Turn on the engraver and trace over the letter templates until the label is completely engraved.
  • Now stop to think of the amount of money invested in all the different sizes of templates you have had a buy.
  • Think about the cost to you for the use of the machine.
  • Calculate the cost of the engraving material and tape (if used)
  • Think about the labor cost to your company for the person who engraved the label.  Be sure to calculate the hidden costs to you, such as employee overhead, insurance, workman’s compensation, over 7% of the employee’s pay that you have paid toward Social Security.
  • Now think of what work was postponed while the label was being made.
  • Calculate a total cost to you for you label.
  • Then compare it to my price of $1.25.

Most of my customers USED to have a manual engraver. One of my customers had a computerized engraver. They calculated their costs and determined that the “down time” of their employee while making the labels was costing them more than buying them from us. Every customer’s needs are different. You decide what is best for you.

If your logo is simple in design, and can be drawn in a one color line drawing, it can probably be engraved.  The engraving process uses all lines to make the image. It cannot have more than one color text or image on a different color background.  Fax or email us your logo and we will let you know if it is possible and give you an estimate.


We pride ourselves on being able to make this statement. After over 25 years of being in business, 99% of our customers who started buying labels from us, still buy from us when they need labels.  Do we expect this record to stand for the next 25 years? Probably not, but it is our goal to provide true service to our customers. Our goal is treat every customer the way we want to be treated.

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